Auditorium – Zoom Mode

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Step 1: Turn on Zoom mode

Touch the touchscreen on the lectern to turn on the system and then tap "Zoom"

Step 2: Select a device

Using your own device: Plug in your device via HDMI or USB-C

Using Lectern PC: Log in into Lectern PC using CHES email and password


When a source is selected, it will show a blue bar at the bottom of the box and the content will appear on the right lectern monitor and the projector.

If you have connected your own device you may need to change your display settings to present to your needs

Step 3: Use presentation remote

There are two Logitech presentation remotes in the drawer on the lectern.

Using your own device: Find the presentation remote with the USB receiver attached and plug into your device.

Using Lectern PC: Find the presentation remote without the USB receiver attached and use the remote. The USB receiver is already connected to the lectern PC.

Step 4: Start Zoom session

Find your scheduled Zoom session on the Zoom touch panel and tap Start.

Step 5: Hide Self View

Once you start your Zoom session, please ensure that the "Hide Self View" option is selected in the view settings on your session.

Step 6: Share your presentation

Open Zoom on your device and join the Zoom session. Once you have joined the Zoom session from device, admit yourself and make yourself co-host. Once you've made your device a co-host, you will be able to share content into the Zoom session.

Step 7: Select camera mode

Select a camera mode by pressing the camera button on the left side of the touch panel and selecting an option. See below for descriptions of each camera mode.

,Presenter with audience: A tracking shot of the Presenter and switches to Audience camera when an Audience member speaks, then will switch back to Presenter when Presenter uses their mic

Presenter only: A tracking shot of the Presenter

Panel with audience: This is a static shot of the Panel and switches to Audience camera when an audience member speaks, then will switch back to Panel when Panel uses their mic

Panel only: This is a static shot of the Panel

Presenter and Audience (No tracking): This camera mode has a three camera split view that shows the entire Audience and a static shot of the Presenter

Step 8: Unmute microphones and Start Video

On the Zoom touch panel, press Unmute and Start Video

Step 9: Starting and Ending Recording

Start recording Zoom session: Press the Record button

End recording Zoom session: Press on the "More" button the press the "Stop Recording" button

Step 10: Power off Auditorium

When you have finished, disconnect your device or log out of the Lectern PC. Then on the touch panel press the power button then press "Power Off Now"

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